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Deleriant of Super sterke hallucinaties

Discussie in 'Drugs' gestart door Madsmoker, 11 jun 2019.

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  1. Madsmoker

    Madsmoker Newbie


    Ik wil heel graag een deliriant doen, maar ik heb 1 nier dus DPH is waarschijnlijk iets wat ik niet kan gebruiken (helaas).

    Voordat iemand zegt "waarom zou je een deliriant willen, het word bijna nooit als iets fijns ervaren".
    Ik wil het gewoon doen en het enige wat me kan stoppen zijn obstakels zoals het hebben van 1 nier.

    Maar als er echt geen deliriant voor mij is, zou ik graag willen weten hoe ik nou goed kan hallucineren. Mijn ervaringen zijn tot nu toe namelijk elke keer tegengevallen. Zelfs bij LSD (ik vond het daarentegen wel super leuk).

    Ik heb al iets gehoord of Salvia en paddo's maar ik weet nou niet helemaal of dat sterker of lichter is dan LSD.
    Want als het lichter is heb ik eigenlijk al bijna geen interesse meer.

    Alvast bedankt, En een prettige dag!
  2. Mr. Brosnan

    Mr. Brosnan Belezen gebruiker

    Ben ik nou gek of is dit een kopie van je vorige post over DPH:neutral:
    acht.zes vindt dit leuk.
  3. KropSla

    KropSla DF Staff Medewerker Moderator Tripreporter

    Volgens mij is dit toch helemaal geen kopie van het andere topic? In het andere topic werd specifiek gevraagd of DPH veilig was met één nier en zo ja, in welke dosis. Inmiddels is Madsmoker er kennelijk achter dat DPH niet veilig is om te gebruiken met één nier, dus vraagt naar tips over andere middelen. Zo lees ik het in elk geval.
  4. Madsmoker

    Madsmoker Newbie

    nou volgensmij ben ik gek want je bent de 2e die het zegt en ik ben van mening dat deze post gaat over het zoeken van een deliriant die bij mij past en anders een iets wat je goed laat hallucineren. en die andere gewoon over DPH in combinatie met 1 nier.
  5. Madsmoker

    Madsmoker Newbie

    Dat is ook hoe ik het bedoelde, dankje wel!
  6. acht.zes

    acht.zes Badass junkie De Leukste Thuis!

    Geloof me nou, er is geen enkele deliriant die bij jou past.

    Delirianten zijn voor gekkies die echt alles geprobeerd willen hebben en daar een risico voor willen nemen, en niet voor iemand zoals jij.
    Mr. Brosnan vindt dit leuk.
  7. Bee

    Bee Belezen gebruiker

    Waarom wil je zo graag hallucineren? Dat is echt 5% van een hele psychedelische trip. Als je zulke lichte visuals hebt ervaren heb je simpelweg een te lage dosering gepakt, ga daar dan vooral in zoeken wat je wil bereiken. Maar bedenk, met sterkere visuals komt ook een sterkere trip.
    Aangezien je enkel LSD noemt lijkt me dat je dan in ieder geval truffels bijvoorbeeld eens een kans moet geven. Zoals acht.zes zegt zit je verkeerd te zoeken en komen delerianten met veel meer risico's.
    Fenrir en acht.zes vinden dit leuk.
  8. KropSla

    KropSla DF Staff Medewerker Moderator Tripreporter

    Ik vroeg me ook al af of het hem niet meer in de dosis dan in het middel zelf zit. Hoewel sommige mensen natuurlijk meer visueel trippen dan anderen, dus het is niet altijd gezegd dat lichte visuals per se door een te lage dosering komen. De vraag is hoeveel hoger / hoe hoog je moet en kunt gaan qua psychedelica dosering terwijl je één nier hebt, ik heb zelf werkelijk geen idee wat daar de risico's van zijn.
    Fenrir vindt dit leuk.
  9. ketakoekjes

    ketakoekjes Belezen gebruiker

    Diphenhydramine... The drug everyone looks away from. For most people, it's either an actively terrible experience or just a very strange one. Everywhere you look online for information about it, the reports are pretty uniform: I felt like shit, saw spiders everywhere, and you shouldn't do it. My report below is pretty similar, but I tried to put as much helpful information in it as I could. This drug was the first "real drug" I ever did, besides smoking weed once or twice beforehand, and it's influenced my life quite a bit. Not in a good way, though. I'm relatively experienced with this substance, but if I got anything wrong, please let me know and I'll edit it. Most of the information I have here is from my own mind, gathered through reading dozens of forum/reddit posts about it, abusing it for a period, and reading various studies and case reports about it. If you'd like a source or clarification for any information, let me know and I will do my best to give it to you.

    Safety: PLEASE READ THIS. This is important to know, as DPH is probably one of the most damaging yet easily available drugs when it comes to your health.

    There is no truly safe dose of DPH, especially if you take it repeatedly, since the mechanisms that cause the DPH high are the same mechanisms that cause health problems associated with its use.

    Even 25-50 mg doses have been linked to an increased rate of dementia later in life. DPH is hell on your liver and kidneys, much like acetaminophen/Tylenol, and repeat users often complain of organ pains, especially in the kidneys. This is exacerbated by DPH’s addictive nature. Even people who hate the diphenhydramine experience may still, for some reason, feel compelled to use it. Also of note are reports of erectile dysfunction after using DPH for fap doses.

    The potential health complications are myriad, including restless legs syndrome, brain damage, tachycardia, seizures, serotonin syndrome, heart attacks, stroke, cardiac arrhythmia, psychosis, hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, depression, erectile dysfunction, and death. These become much more likely if DPH is used regularly and/or in high doses. Those under 18 should especially be wary of DPH, as it almost certainly causes brain damage, especially if the brain is still forming.

    Pharmacology: Diphenhydramine has several receptor targets. It is an anticholinergic, blocking the action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is where the majority of its deliriant effects come from. DPH is also a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), as well as being an inverse agonist at the histamine receptors, which is where its anti-allergy effects come from. Especially at higher doses, DPH also inhibits sodium and potassium channels in the heart, which can lead to torsades de pointes, cardiac arrhythmia, and heart attack. Stay away from this drug if you have any sort of cardiovascular issues.

    Addiction: It's true that DPH is not fun for the vast majority of those who try it. Some rare people, such as myself, do get some measure of "fun" or "euphoria" from it (this faded quickly after my first few trips), but this is not true for most people. However...despite how absolutely shitty the trip is, quite a few people feel an urge to take it again. For me, it was a thought like "If I take it again tomorrow night, maybe the trip won't be as bad this time!". My advice to prevent binges on it due to this strange effect would be to make a schedule for dosing and stick to it, and don't trip on a whim. This is a toxic substance and it can get out of hand quite fast.

    Dosage: Take these dosages with a grain of salt. Depending on the person, different dosages can have huge differences in effects. It seems to be at least partly based on body weight. A close friend of mine who’s a bigger guy(I’d guess around 225 pounds) took ~900 milligrams and it had about the same effect on him as 250 mg did on me, a 145 pound male. Another friend, right around 100 lbs in weight, took about 250 mg and saw shadow people.

    I specify benadryl pills because they are the most common way of ingesting DPH. Each one is 25 milligrams. Some other brands are 50 mg, so make sure you know what each pill for your brand is dosed at. DPH syrup exists, but it usually contains acetaminophen in my experience, is more expensive, and tastes awful, so I’d just stick with pills.

    A common formulation of DPH is called dimenhydrinate, also known as Dramamine or Gravol. Dimenhydrinate combines DPH with a caffeine-like stimulant, 8-chlorotheophylline. By weight, DMH is about 50% as powerful as DPH by itself. At therapeutic doses, this combination works to counteract the sedating effects of DPH. However, at recreational doses, dimenhydrinate is more cardiotoxic than DPH by itself, and the huge stimulant dose adds to the paranoia, anxiety, and negative physical effects. Avoid using dimenhydrinate for recreational purposes.

    • Therapeutic Level: 25 - 100 mg(1-4 Benadryl pills): Probably just going to make you sleepy and cure your allergies temporarily. If you can stay up at the higher end, you might get a tiny bit of a body high, and mental slow-down, kind of like being on a benzo. Not really worth it unless you just wanna sleep. 25-50 mg can potentiate opiates well.

    • First Plateau: 100 - 200 mg(4-8 Benadryl pills): This is known as a “fap dose”. There might be slight music enhancement, and you’ll get a bit of that DPH body heaviness, but most people take this amount so their orgasms are enhanced. I really don’t recommend doing anything sexual on DPH though. There’s several Erowid reports of people having some degree of sexual dysfunction after doing this a few times, with one notable one of a twenty year old developing full-on erectile dysfunction (as in, near-total loss of penis function) after abusing DPH for a year. This is probably due to DPH’s vasoconstrictive properties.

    • Second Plateau: 200-300 mg(8-12 Benadryl pills): This is probably the “best” range to use at if you don’t want full-blown delirium. Music sounds great. Your mouth is going to be soooo fucking dry, and you’re gonna have to piss a lot. However, for a lot of people, they are unable to urinate on DPH, or it at least becomes very difficult. Your body feels like it weighs a thousand pounds, but surprisingly I usually don’t fall asleep or even feel sleepy at this level.
    You might start seeing slight movement in the corner of your eyes, or occasionally see a spider where there is no spider. You’ll probably experience auditory hallucinations, like a family member calling your name from the distance, or faint footsteps outside your door. Mentally, your short-term memory is going to start to go to hell, and you won’t be able to keep a thought going very long. Some people get closed-eye visuals at this level, which for me are usually short, non-sensical and very abstract visions, which usually are influenced by the music I’m listening to.

    • Second Plateau continued: 300-500 mg(12-20 Benadryl pills): This is the dosage level between the high I described above, and full blown delirium. The “positive” effects will get a bit stronger, especially the confusion, but in my experience and many other /del/vers, the negative effects get much worse, far outweighing the positives. Hallucinations, especially auditory, become much more common, but you still have some ability to differentiate them from reality. Your perfect dosage may be somewhere in this level, especially if you’re a larger person, but for most people this is a shitty dosage.

    • Third Plateau/Delirium: 500-700 mg(20-28 pills): Delirium begins to set in, especially past 600 mg, and is almost guaranteed at 700 mg, hence the “700 club”. You will probably forget you took anything, and you will have full, lifelike hallucinations. Your parents or the police might come in and harass you for taking drugs, you’ll see spiders or snakes all over the place, you might text your friend or grab a remote to change the channel and then see your phone/remote evaporate immediately. Your friends will probably come over and hang out with you for a little bit, probably telling you all about very strange, twisted things. Phantom cigarettes are quite an enjoyable smoke at this dose.
    Strangely, emotions are usually dulled quite a bit, so something that would usually terrify you or at least gross you out won’t really have any effect on you. Negative effects-wise, they kinda stop mattering at this point, since your brain is so wonky you probably won’t even pay attention to them. A trip-sitter is highly recommended, and at the very least you should hide your keys and your phone from yourself. Another thing that might be a good idea to hide would be the leftover DPH pills, since you, while tripping, might remember that you wanted to trip on DPH tonight and redose, which could potentially have fatal consequences at this level. You must keep in mind if you plan for this level or any higher levels that once you are delirious, you will have almost no real control over your actions. The experience is very similar to a dream: everything you do will make perfect sense at the time. Unlike a dream, however, you have to deal with any bad decisions that result from your usage.

    • Fourth Plateau: 700-1200 mg(28-48 pills): See above. As you dose higher, the trip will get progressively stronger and last longer. Some level of HPPD, at least for the next few days, is pretty much guaranteed at the higher levels(1 gram+). If you have even the slightest care about your health, this is as high as you should go. A trip-sitter is STRONGLY recommended.

    • Eiriel: 1.2 grams- 2 grams: Psychedelics have hyperspace. Dissociatives have holes. Deliriants have Eiriel. Eiriel is characterized by almost complete disconnection from reality. Often, people at this level will spend hours walking around, talking to people, swatting phantom bugs, then blink and realize that they’ve just been standing in one spot, and everything that just occurred was a fantasy. YOU SHOULD NOT AIM FOR THIS LEVEL UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEATHWISH. Unlike most other hallucinogen's "breakthrough" doses, this amount of DPH is VERY dangerous and can easily kill you or cause permanent physical and psychological issues.
    Hallucinations at this level tend to become hellish, with disturbing, often violent imagery commonly occurring. You may genuinely develop PTSD if you survive a dose of this size. Shadow people, including “The Hatman” are almost always present as well. This level is objectively terrible for your mental and physical health. Seizures are not uncommon, and a high risk of death or serious health complications, including stroke and heart attack is present above 1.5 grams. I personally have dosed this high one time, in a suicide attempt. I’d guess that I took 1.5 grams at least, I was aiming for 4. I do not remember much of the trip at all, as I believe I spent a lot of it seizing. I have few memories of the trip, which I don’t think are entirely fabricated. One is of being in a cave, throwing a torch at a cave demon, and then realizing that I was in my hallway, and I had thrown my phone at my dog. Another is a general feeling of being chased by something with teeth. The most horrific one was seeing my entire family, as well as most of my friends and coworkers, crucified and bleeding on my front lawn and screaming at me for doing this to them. This experience, combined with my previous use of the substance, left me with severe HPPD, worsened my depression, and caused momentary "flashbacks" to the delirious state for months after it happened. If you aren’t trying to die, a tripsitter is not just recommended, but NECESSARY.

    Hangover: For a lot of people, DPH has a pretty strong hangover. For some, it’s simply feeling very tired the next day. For others, the symptoms can include brain fog, brain zaps, organ pain, blurry vision, headaches, and slight auditory/visual hallucinations, like screams in the distance or some visual drifting.

    Combinations: I have not personally tried any of these combinations, AFAIK. I'm using Erowid reports and reports published on this subreddit. Please comment below if you'd like me to add any information about combos.

    • Kratom/Opiates: Low doses of DPH (25-50 mg) are known to potentiate opiates a bit. Combining a lower dose of Kratom with DPH seems to mitigate some of the negative effects, such as dysphoria and Restless Legs Syndrome, especially at sub-delirious doses. Use caution, high doses of opiates and deliriants may lead to an increased risk of respiratory depression and death.

    • Cannabis: Weed seems to potentiate DPH quite a lot. Both substances cause paranoia, which can reach very uncomfortable levels when combined, and both also dry your mouth/ eyes out. There's a sweet spot, but it differs from person to person. Use sparingly.

    • DXM: DXM+DPH is a much-hallowed combination. The substances both potentiate each other a lot and also mitigate the negative effects of one another. Usual dosage is 150/150 to try it out, and 300/300 to have a "full trip". 300/300 will most likely make you quite delirious, comparable to a 600-700 mg DPH trip. Combining lower doses of DPH (~100 mg) with higher doses of DXM seems to mitigate the nausea/itching that DXM can cause while not sending you into full-blown delirium. Use caution, do your research before you try it.

    • Psychedelics: Not much information to be found. What little I could seems to show that this is a shitty combo and a waste of psychs. LSD and DPH combined is known as "nightmare flipping", evidently. The visuals will be intensified, but will probably be much uglier and scarier than LSD visuals alone (no surprise there). Confusion will, of course, be increased. It seems that there is nothing much good that can come out of this combination, and it sounds like a highway straight to HPPD and potential psychosis.

    • Nicotine: Perhaps of most interest to those who regularly use DPH is nicotine as a possible "trip-killer". Nicotine, being an acetylcholine agonist, seems to partially counteract the effects of a DPH (an acetylcholine antagonist) trip, at least until the dose wears off. The best way to do this, theoretically, would be to take large bong hits of tobacco, use a nicotine patch, or nicotine gum. Cigarettes or vapes would also work, albeit not quite as well. Until you have tried it at a lower dose to see how well it works for you, do not rely on this method as a trip-killer for DPH, especially if it is your first time.

    • Benzodiazepines: I have not been able to find much information on this combo. Most of the information I was able to find either suggested that the combination was dangerous due to increased risk of respiratory depression/potential further loss of inhibitions, or that it didn't do much besides further mess with your memory. I would advise against this combination. Benzos will probably not kill the trip like they do with psychedelics, and the idea of somebody barred out and also delirious doesn't sound like it would end well. If you have tried this combination and would like to add your two cents, let me know.
    In Conclusion: If you do choose to use DPH, use it very sparingly. Tolerance to DPH builds rapidly, especially in higher doses, and seems to be very similar to psychedelic tolerance (happens immediately, takes about a week or two to return to baseline). Stay safe y’all.

    Hopelijk is dit genoeg voor je @Madsmoker sinds je zelf blijkbaar niet verder kijkt dan je neus lang is.
    Portobello vindt dit leuk.
  10. Madsmoker

    Madsmoker Newbie

    Ik heb Truffels en 2CB ook al gedaan, truffels merk ik echt gewoon haast niks van en vind ik echt gewoon super saai krijg alleen maar hoofdpijn van aan het eind van de dag. 2CB vond ik wel leuk alleen visuals waren echt heeeeeel licht alleen op mijn piek zag ik strepen op die op het plafond zaten in mijn ooghoek een beetje als slangen bewegen maar dan ook wel echt heel minimaal.

    Ik ben bang dat ik misschien gewoon niet snel hallucineer. Wel jammer want dat lijkt me echt heel ziek.

    Ik had trouwens bij de 2 keren dat ik truffels heb gedaan het op een lege maag gedaan omdat vrienden van me vertelde dat eten je "trip" kan verminderen. Maar bij de LSD beweerde ook iemand dat suiker je trip kan verminderen en toen had ik net een thee glas gedronken met dikke klodders honing :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: Maar wellicht hallucineerde ik daarom wel niet zo hard.
  11. acht.zes

    acht.zes Badass junkie De Leukste Thuis!

    Nogmaals, is gewoon een kwestie van je dosering verhogen. Probeer eens 45 of desnoods 60 gram truffels in combinatie met een mao remmer of drop eens 400mcg LSD en je zal ze zien vliegen dat je er bang van wordt. Of drink een bak ayahuasca leeg of haal eens een 40x extract Salvia.
  12. Eve's drop

    Eve's drop Experimenterende gebruiker

    Yeah great! Delerium in de gloria
  13. Stonologie

    Stonologie Bewuste gebruiker

    Truffels zijn onvoorspelbaar, maar naar mijn mening nog wel een tikie vetter dan LSD.. de visuals vooral.. zove kleurrijker en intenser op goede dosis. Al eens een heel bakie Hollandia naar binnen gewerkt?
    En wel echt tot slijm kauwen, en dan nog een paar minuten doorkauwen. Alle sappen eruit proberen te drukken!

    Helemaal niet eten voor een trip vind ik heel kut, maar net na een dikke maaltijd is ook flink kut. Tijdens de trip eten is wel geweldig. Een smaakintensie die minstens 20x die van wiet is. Vooral sushi omg... lekkerste wat ik ooit in mijn leven heb gegeten is sushi op 2CB en op 4-HO-MET... helemaal lege maag zorgt dat ik me kut ga voelen omdat ik honger heb..
  14. Mr. Brosnan

    Mr. Brosnan Belezen gebruiker

    Ik heb hier even het een en ander gelezen: https://effectindex.com/summaries/deliriants
    Als je dit leest begrijp je vast wel dat het niet echt een strak plan is, ik krijg volgensmij al een rolberoerte als ik alle stadia en risico’s doorneem.
  15. Bee

    Bee Belezen gebruiker

    Wat grappig, ik krijg namelijk helemaal niks binnen tijdens het trippen. Eten voelt raar, tenzij het een klein stukje fruit oid is. Ook frisdrank oid komt er niet in. Laatste trip 1 slokje cola gedronken en ik werd helemaal overweldigd door de bubbeltjes in mijn mond :tearsofjoy:
  16. Portobello

    Portobello Experimenterende gebruiker

    Geen ervaring maar lees veel goeds over DMT.

    Hallucineren op zich is toch niet iets dat per se leuk is. Als je niet weet dat je hallucineert en de helft vergeet, wat is daar per se leuk aan? Mensen doen zichzelf en anderen iets aan in een delirium of psychose. Echt niet te vergelijken met tripmiddelen als truffels en LSD.
  17. acht.zes

    acht.zes Badass junkie De Leukste Thuis!

    Met psychedelica veranderd je smaakperceptie, sommige dingen worden heel erg lekker terwijl andere dingen die je normaal lekker vind weer ineens vies zijn en een nepsmaak lijken te hebben.

    Er zit wel een beetje een lijn in bij mij, verse onbewerkte producten als noten en fruit vind ik hemels, bewerkte producten als chips en koek en frisdrank en dergelijke zijn dan weer goor en nep en die mijd ik tijdens een trip.
    Stonologie vindt dit leuk.
  18. Stonologie

    Stonologie Bewuste gebruiker

    Precies dit, banaan is het vieste wat ik ooit heb gegeten op truffels, maar sushi het allerlekkerste in mijn leven. Fruit is wel grappig, maar gezonde goede maaltijden zijn nog beter. (Vaak). Een smaakintensie waar wiet niet eens in de buurt komt!
    ketakoekjes vindt dit leuk.
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SGGZ, 110% hulp bij verslaving