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Dr. Albert Hofmann

Discussie in 'LSD' gestart door Bal0n, 4 jan 2005.

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  1. Bal0n

    Bal0n Badass junkie

    Dr. Albert Hofmann will celebrate his 99th birthday on January 11, 2005! Dr. Hofmann first synthesized LSD-25 in 1938 while working at Sandoz Laboratories in Basle Switzerland. He became the first person to discover its psychedelic effects on April 16, 1943.

    MAPS is working hard to start FDA-approved research with LSD and psilocybin in subjects with cluster headaches so that Dr. Hofmann can witness the resumption of LSD research and the beginnings of the transformation of his 'problem child' into a 'wonder child'.

    Many of us acknowledge the profound contribution his discovery has made to our own lives, our sense of self, our values, our relationships with others and the larger world, and our hopes for the future of mankind itself.

    MAPS members wishing to write letters to him expressing their appreciation for his contributions should send them to Dr. Hofmann, c/o MAPS, 2105 Robinson Avenue, Sarasota, Florida, 34232, and we will forward them unopened to Dr. Hofmann. You can see some photos taken at Albert's 98th birthday celebration here and listen to Rolf Verres' piano performance at the party here.

    Good health and godspeed Albert! May your problem child yet fullfill its promise as the prodigy we know it to be.


    Vond ik even het vermelden waard :)
  2. karton

    karton Experimenterende gebruiker

    Bedankt Meneer Albert Hofmann voor de zovele leuke en intrigerende ervaringen. Het ga je goed Meneer Hofmann en we zullen je nooit vergeten
  3. Sweet_Shadow

    Sweet_Shadow Badass junkie Tripreporter

    Volgende maand wordt hij dus 100, wow :)
  4. Emo

    Emo Bewuste gebruiker

    heeft hij veel geld verdient met lsd dan ?
  5. spacekonijn

    spacekonijn Badass junkie

    who need's money when you got acid?
  6. Bal0n

    Bal0n Badass junkie

    Hij zal er iig niet armer op geworden zijn (zowel zijn geestelijke gesteldheid als die van zijn bankrekening) :wink:.
  7. Jeller

    Jeller Badass junkie

    zou ij op zijn oude leeftijd nog trippen?
  8. BombSki

    BombSki Bewuste gebruiker

    jep, hij neemt nog 2x per jaar lsd met oude en nieuwe vrienden.. respect voor die man (nog 1 week :) )
  9. boy

    boy Bewuste gebruiker

    Er is ook een party

    Check alle sprekers :smoke:

  10. BombSki

    BombSki Bewuste gebruiker

    wie gaat er naar zwisterland over een week? :sunglasses: :wave:

    zou er wel bij willen zijn maar zit er niet in denk.. :)
  11. slunse

    slunse Bewuste gebruiker

    kwijl.... moest ik 3 dagen erna geen examens hebben ging ik er geheid naartoe (als het toegankelijk is voor gewoon publiek tenminste)
    lijkt me enorm boeiend
  12. MarijN

    MarijN Newbie

  13. slunse

    slunse Bewuste gebruiker

    ah reet, ik dacht dat het gratis was...
  14. Sweet_Shadow

    Sweet_Shadow Badass junkie Tripreporter

    Zozo!! Flinke lijst :)

    Lang leve Albert, hoera x3
    alvast dan

    btw, Simon Vinkenoog komt in het Patronaat dichten, jeeuhhjjj :beer:
  15. Bal0n

    Bal0n Badass junkie

    Ik wil er ook zo graag heen, maar ik heb het geld niet :(. Al mijn helden komen: Albert Hoffman, Alexander en Ann Shulginn, Erowid sprekers, Terrence McKenna, Alex Grey.

    bah :(
  16. slunse

    slunse Bewuste gebruiker

    die twee laatste ken ik niet?
  17. Bal0n

    Bal0n Badass junkie

    Terrence McKenna heeft wat boeken geschreven, onderandere DMT: The Spirit Molecule en Alex Grey is een schilder/artiest/beeldhouwer :).
  18. Elektronik_dynamite

    Elektronik_dynamite Badass junkie

    hehe hoe typisch een creatief persoon die naar een lsd iets gaat xD
  19. BombSki

    BombSki Bewuste gebruiker


    Hij heeft idd enkele boeken geschreven, hij heeft 25jaar sjamanisme bestudeerd en denkt dat psychedelische middelen de aarde kunnen redden..

    Google maar wat, je vind vast genoeg ^^
  20. Bal0n

    Bal0n Badass junkie


    Foutje :flushed:
  21. boy

    boy Bewuste gebruiker

    Er zijn ook hele docu's en audioopnames over en van die vent. Ik heb net m'n torrents weggegooid, maar ze staan vast nog wel ergens online.


    Enkele torrents:

    Hoffman's Potion
  22. parcival

    parcival Experimenterende gebruiker

    Terence McKenna is in 2000 gestorven aan de gevolgen van een hersentumor.
    Zijn broer Dennis vind ik persoonlijk interesanter :)
    David Nichols is 1 van mijn helden, papers in the journal of medicinal chemistry waar zijn naam mee opstaat zijn altijd leuk om te lezen.
    Jochen Gartz was een professor mycologie in de DDR die zijn job verloor na de eenmaking (80% van het oostduitse accademisch personeel is toen vervangen door westduits).
    De Shulgins heb ik nog op een andere conferentie ontmoet, leuke mensen.
  23. Bal0n

    Bal0n Badass junkie


    Vreemd dat Terence wel op de lijst staat? Ik wist ook helemaal niet dat hij overleden was, wtf :confused:
  24. parcival

    parcival Experimenterende gebruiker

    Nee hoor er staat geen McKenna tussen:

    An obituary from The Independent of London.
    Obituary: Terence McKenna
    by Alix Sharkey
    The Independent - London

    WHAT CAUSED self-reflective consciousness in our primate ancestors? What
    was the catalyst for language, imagination, conceptual thought and reason?
    Scientists, philosophers and academics posit various theories, but few more
    radical than that of ethnobotanist and self-styled "psychonaut" Terence
    McKenna .

    McKenna claimed that human self-awareness is the result of psychedelic
    serendipity. His 1992 book Food of the Gods argues that the accidental
    ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms triggered sentience in foraging,
    omnivorous apes and led them - us - to put rockets on the moon in the
    evolutionary wink of an eye.

    So-called "magic" mushrooms and their chemical relative DMT, he insisted,
    are not drugs in the common sense but consciousness- expanding tools. It is
    our moral duty to utilise them, he believed, in order to bootstrap
    ourselves ever further up the evolutionary ladder. "Stronger doses, more
    often," was the mantra that led to him being tagged the "Timothy Leary of
    the Nineties" - allegedly by Timothy Leary himself.

    He extended his theories about psychoactive substances and their influence
    on culture and society in his follow-up book, The Archaic Revival (1992).
    But perhaps he was at his most convincing - and entertaining - during the
    informal lectures that he gave in private homes, and the chill-out rooms of
    rave clubs, on his occasional visits to Britain.

    A charming, playful and exceptionally erudite raconteur, his epic
    discourses on the history of psychedelic evolution - he could talk for
    hours without notes, never repeating himself or exhausting his line of
    argument - were peppered with amusing anecdotes, classical quotations and a
    nice line in self-deprecation.

    "I am very uncomfortable with my position in the New Age," he once stated.
    "I hate all that stuff - the quartz crystal suppositories and the
    channelling of dead Egyptians - it's just an affront to the thinking mind."
    Yet his wry humour could also disarm all but the most bitter sceptics. "Is
    DMT dangerous?" he once asked rhetorically. "Well, only if you can die of

    McKenna asserted that marijuana, DMT and psilocybin, as naturally- occuring
    vegetal compounds with a long history of use by shamanic tribal cultures,
    were safe for human consumption. However the nature of his death -
    suddenly, relatively young, and from glioblastoma multiforma, a rare form
    of cerebral cancer - will hardly further his cause. After a brain seizure
    last May, doctors discovered that he had a malignant tumour.

    Following chemical and radiation therapy he underwent brain surgery at the
    end of last year and despite an initial improvement, suffered a rapid
    relapse. From the outset he was open about his condition, his website
    featuring typically offhand updates: "This is a mad and wild adventure at
    the fractal edge of life and death and space and time," he wrote last
    summer. "Just where we love to be, right, shipmates?"

    Born in 1946 and raised as a Catholic in the Colorado cattle town of
    Paonia, McKenna spent much of his youth memorising passages of James Joyce
    and studying Carl Jung, in particular Psychology and Alchemy (1953). He
    said that his first encounter with psychedelic thought was, "looking at
    Colorado and trying to understand that it was once the shores of an ocean
    with hundred-foot-long sauropods tromping through the mangrove swamps".

    After moving to Los Altos, California, he settled in San Francisco in 1965
    just as the Flower Power movement was beginning to emerge in Haight-
    Ashbury. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was here that he first tried cannabis
    and LSD. Subsequently he attended UC Berkeley for two years and travelled
    extensively through Asia, Europe and South America before completing his
    self-tailored degree in ecology and shamanism in 1975. After graduating he
    initially made his living dealing in Asian art.

    However, it was during a trip to the Amazon jungle in 1971 that he and his
    brother Dennis, a research pharmacologist, first encountered magic
    mushrooms and DMT - the drug that McKenna would later describe as a
    "megatonnage hallucinogen" and which would shape the rest of his life.

    The brothers brought their South American treasure home with them, and
    began to cultivate psilocybin mushrooms and spread their mycological
    gospel. In 1975, they published their first book, The Invisible Landscape:
    mind, hallucinogens and the I Ching, and by the 1980s were growing 70
    pounds of fungi every six weeks.

    They stopped following a friend's arrest, but by this time McKenna had
    begun a new career, lecturing New Agers and old hippies on shamanic drug
    use. By the early Nineties he had achieved celebrity with the rave
    generation and the so-called psychedelic underground, inspiring the
    chart-topping group the Shamen, who used his voice on their early
    recordings and sponsored some of his visits to the UK.

    McKenna met and married Kathleen Harrison in the mid-1970s, and after
    settling near San Francisco they had a son, Finn, and a daughter, Klea.
    After divorcing in 1992, McKenna moved to Hawaii, where he founded
    Botanical Dimensions, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the
    investigation of "ethnomedical" and sacred plants. He also established a
    gene bank of rare species near his home - a modernist house with a huge
    antenna dish. When he fell ill, McKenna had started a new life with his
    artner Christy Silness, whom he had met at an ethnobotanical conference in

    "My real function was to give people permission," he said in his last
    interview, which will appear in the May issue of Wired magazine.
    "Essentially, what I existed for was to say, `Go ahead, you'll live through
    it, get loaded, you don't have to be afraid.' "

    Terence Kemp McKenna, writer and ethnobotanist: born Paonia, Colorado 16
    November 1946; married Kathleen Harrison (one son, one daughter; marriage
    dissolved 1992); died San Rafael, California 3 April 2000.

    Caption: McKenna: `Go ahead, get loaded'
    DOUGLAS MARTIN - New York Times News Service

    Portland Oregonian
    Page A05
    (Copyright (c) The Oregonian 2000)
  25. BombSki

    BombSki Bewuste gebruiker

    allemaal al pakjes gekoch? :grin:
    morgen is het zover.. :)
  26. BombSki

    BombSki Bewuste gebruiker

    ownee overmorgen :rolleyes: :flushed: :(
  27. Hempy

    Hempy Bewuste gebruiker

    mss dat ik mezelf een pakje geef :grin: maar dan in het weekend, eens Lsd proberen als men dealer zich tenminste aan zijn afspraak houd... anders zal het voor een andere keer zijn
  28. Dree

    Dree Newbie

    Those of our readers that can not attend this symposium still can join the celebration by getting together with friends on January 11th to celebrate, or just light a candle to honor this outstanding man!

    If you would like to send greetings to Dr. Hofmann, we set up a temporary e-mail address for this purpose: birthday@hofmann.org .
    Please use the subject line "Happy Birthday Dr. Hofmann!" for your e-mails. We will print a selection of messages received and bring them to Dr. Hofmann in January. It would help to keep it short and please understand that Dr. Hofmann will not be able to reply, though he will certainly appreciate all messages! Also please do not send attachments without notifying us first in a seperate message.

    bron: http://www.hofmann.org/
  29. BombSki

    BombSki Bewuste gebruiker

    pff geen attachments, een speciale onderwerp en anders komt het niet aan? :/ vind het een beetje jammer (commercieel )
    Maarja, hij is dan ook wel 100 :openmouth:

  30. Hempy

    Hempy Bewuste gebruiker

    hartelijk zal je bedoelen :grin:

    Dan ook maar een proficiat van mij mr Hofmann
  31. Dree

    Dree Newbie

    Zie niet in waarom dit commercieel is. Ze verdienen er geen klap op, en als je het commercieel wilt bekijken kost het alleen maar geld. Geen attachments en speciaal onderwerp is waarschijnlijk omdat je post dan door hun spamfilters heenkomt.
  32. Sweet_Shadow

    Sweet_Shadow Badass junkie Tripreporter

    Yeeh nog vele jaren Albert :grin:
  33. BombSki

    BombSki Bewuste gebruiker

    mja commercieel is niet het goede woord.

    goedkoop dan? maarja wat boeit het ook

    edit: ja hartelijk ja :flushed:
  34. Jeller

    Jeller Badass junkie

  35. slunse

    slunse Bewuste gebruiker

    doctor ho-mann? :tongueout: :grin:
  36. Hempy

    Hempy Bewuste gebruiker

    Wat heb jij gepakt ? :grin:
  37. slunse

    slunse Bewuste gebruiker

    twas bombski!

    shhhhht.... :) :stoned:
  38. Bal0n

    Bal0n Badass junkie

    Dit stond op een ander forum:

  39. spacekonijn

    spacekonijn Badass junkie

    geweldig stukje , op zn 97ste een LSD trip , indrukwekkend
  40. Sweet_Shadow

    Sweet_Shadow Badass junkie Tripreporter

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