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Truffle journey no1

Discussie in 'Trip reports' gestart door TJU, 26 nov 2018.

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  1. TJU

    TJU Newbie

    The journey

    This was my first time taking truffles. Ive done mushrooms once when I was 14 years old (now I’m 31) and that wasn’t a positive experience, I think because I was unprepared and to young to handle what was happening.

    This time the approach was different, the person I went on the journey with (Dave) is someone I trust and feel very comfortable with, the setting was in a safe house with everything we could need ready for use.

    I went to the head shop in Amsterdam and asked the guy working in the store for advice on which truffles to take. Little did I know that this same guy would appear later that day in my trip.

    For Dave I got 20 grams of Tampanensis, for myself I got 20 grams of Atlantis.

    13:15 Take off:

    We both take about 15 grams of our truffles mixed in a firm soup Dave made before. Because of the soup we both didn’t taste anything of the truffles. Good tip!

    14:00 First encounter:

    Around this time I started to notice the first effects. While sitting on the couch staring out the window I saw the tree dancing and turning in some sort of full HD creature that was alive and growing in all directions.

    Dave didn’t feel that much yet except for that the texture of the wood was beautiful, he decided to take the other 5 grams and after to lay down in bed with his eyes closed to let the trip come in slowly.

    While Dave was in bed my visuals started getting more intense, everywhere I looked things were changing and moving, I remember laughing out loud because of it.

    After looking around an loving what was happening I sat down at the table and decided to try and draw a bit.

    While staring at a blank page I started seeing hieroglyphs, they were not clear but they were everywhere (on the page, my arms, hands everywhere). I started drawing and every line I put on the paper looked like a rainbow originating on the paper.

    What I ended up drawing makes no sense so far.

    15:00 Trying to figure it out:

    I get up from the table and realise I should check on Dave because I haven’t heard from him a while.

    I walk over to the bedroom to find Dave wrapped up in his blanket with a beanie over his eyes. As soon as I ask if he’s okay he jumps up really quick, looks at me and says: I’m trying to figure it out!

    This was the beginning of a deep journey we would go on together.

    While Dave was switching sitting up and laying down in his bed while repeating I’m trying to figure it out I get in to a trip trying to figure out what Dave is trying to figure out.

    15:30 it’s an onion:

    Dave joins me to the kitchen still trying to figure it out. At this point I take the last 5 grams of my truffles.

    We stand in the kitchen for a while talking about what Dave is trying to figure out. At some point he says: it’s an onion, so many layers. I immediately understand what he means and interpreted this as him being stuck in between different layers of reality. I tell him to just chose a layer of reality and then stay in there.

    In the next 30 minutes we both enjoy choosing the reality we want to be in and go with it. We look around and are amazed by everything that is around us. We decide that this is a beautiful reality/layer of the onion to be in.

    16:00 ‘They’ thought of everything:

    In this reality they thought of everything is something we realised quickly. From the birds flying by outside to the teabag floating in the glass tea pot. They thought of everything creating this and everything they created has so many layers, the amount of layers is infinite.

    Why? Why did ‘they’ think of every? And what does it all mean? Who is they? We were flooded by all these questions about how, why and who.

    We soon figured out that ‘they’ are us, and we are everything. Dave is me and I am him, Dave all of a sudden turned in to the guy in the smartshop and it made sense. Dave looked at me and saw his own face, I feel that at this point we realised and felt that everything in the universe is connected. As we called it that moment: everything is belending, all the layers are blending.

    Time unknown,The cosmic joke:

    From this point on it gets harder to explain, we completely surrendered to the world we were in and continued discovering it.

    Dave started talking about ‘the cosmic joke’. Something he heard his friend Fabian experienced during a similar journey, this also without him even explaining to much about it immediately made sense to me and it in some sort of way felt like Fabian was there with us.

    It’s all part of a great cosmic joke! The layers we shifted between, the fact that ‘they’ thought of everything, us trying to figure it out, that is all part of the great cosmic joke. Trying to figure the joke out will just get you in to an endless loop getting back to the same points you realised earlier.

    Time disappears

    I got so overwhelmed trying to figure all of this out I felt I have to make a map of what we discovered so far, so we can work from there and get out of the loop.

    I put some things on paper and gave the drawing to Dave and he lost his mind, I exactly drew what he was thinking all this time.

    We ended up talking a bit more about the joke until we got a bit tired from all the information that we had to process, it is a lot we said to each other.

    Don’t stop the music

    Being exhausted from processing all that information we decide to lay down for a while. Dave inflated a big bed in the living room so we both lay down on it eyes closed and disappear in the music.

    At this point the visuals take over again, the keys of the pianos, the trumpets, saxophones, voices, everything had a different visual behind my closed eyes. It was beautiful!

    I think we were laying next to each other listening to the music for about 15 minutes when we both have the same experience again. A song comes on that just completely takes over our both minds to infinity. As soon as the song ended we both exhale deeply and try to explain to each other how experiencing that song was.

    Dave got a little tired at this moment and decided to go to bed for a while, this left me alone on the air bed with the music.

    Spiritual connection?

    This part of the story is even harder to explain for me. I was laying on the bed listening to the music when a song comes on. It was like a warm blanket falling over me, I felt comfortable and safe.

    A woman’s voice starts singing softly, I’m around you, I never left you, I love you.

    I shock and open my eyes, what I felt I can’t explain but what knew for sure at that moment was that my mom who passed away 8 years ago was there in the room with me. Talking to me through the music.

    I lay there listening to the song, put my left hand on my heart and enjoy feeling the connection. I remember at some point feeling something wanted to draw me in further, I got spooked and got up.

    Unsure what this experience means I now feel sorry for not taking that hand and diving in deeper. Note for next time!

    19:30 back in the ‘normal’ reality

    At this time I notice getting back in to the normal reality. This was bit of a bumpy ride since all that information I’ve been getting over the past few hours started feeling really uncertain.

    What is real, and what just happened. What am I supposed to do know that I have all this beautiful information?

    I get up and decide to eat. Great choice!!! All the food tastes so incredibly good. Strawberries, soup with bread, cheese, orange juice and hummus with carrots are a good tip to have ready.

    Dave wakes up and joins me in the kitchen for a proper munchies eat fest.

    After this we get under the blankets on the inflatable bed and watch 3 episodes of Rick and Morty.

    I notice my mind and body getting more tired by the second, exhausted from all the information it’s been processing.

    Around 23:00 we go to bed and I go in to the deepest sleep I have ever been in my life.

    We wake up around 8:30 and talk a bit about what happened and how we feel about it now.

    We both feel confused and don’t really know what to do with all the information we collected on our journey. We have a lot of questions that we will write down for a next time, maybe those can guide us to go deeper.

    Overall it was a great experience. I felt so connected to everything and deeply connected to Dave because we were experiencing the same thing.

    I’m excited to try it again and see where it goes from here.

    I’m interested what other people feel about our experience, has had a similar experience or thinks it’s straight up crazy.
    Let me know,
    Laatst bewerkt: 26 nov 2018
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  2. TJU

    TJU Newbie

    Ps. reacties mogen gewoon in het Nederlands, ik heb de review alleen in het Engels geschreven omdat ik een aantal Amerikaanse vrienden heb.
  3. kapitein-x

    kapitein-x Wijs gebruiker Tripreporter

    Klinkt als een hele mooie duotrip, althans van wat ik er globaal van heb gelezen omdat ik een Nederlandse tekst veel aanlokkelijker vind om echt even voor te gaan zitten. Dan komt een verslag als dit meer binnen bij mij. Maar klinkt als fijne trip waar de 'synergie' tussen jullie tweeën voor een groot deel het verloop van de trip bepaalde.
  4. TJU

    TJU Newbie

    Bedankt voor je reactie, ik zal er aan denken. Volgende keer maak ik de hem in het Nederlands.
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